Providing full-scenario DaaS
for Web3 applications.



The AnyID is a platform with open API/SDK and oracle to the mainstream third-party dapps/protocols. Our multi-chain data engine produces valuable information by analyzing and processing the on-chain data, and support data visualization, aggregation, scoring, ranking and SQL query.


AnyID Login

AnyID provides a one-click login for web3 dapps, more advanced than the old wallet login.

AnyID Passport

AnyID Passport is a personal on-chain database, where users manage their data.


Azone is an interactive social place for on-chain data.


Ascan is a data explorer that is convenient for individuals and teams to search for on-chain data.

Use Case

DeFi Protocols

We will open our oracle to some financial related dapps/protocols, users’ high-quality on-chain data will bring them additional benefits, transaction fees, pledge rates, and interest will be different from other users.

Gamefi Dapps

Our ranking system will help gamefi dapps enhance user stickiness and social frequency.

Socialfi Dapps

Socialfi's dapps can use our oracle delivering advertisement to crypto natives more accurately.


We will open our on-chain scores to the launchpads through Oracle, and through the on-chain scores in various fields, the launchpads can better screen the investors they want.


2022 Q1

AnyID Engine V1.0 support on-chain data analysis and visualizationsad Analyze one chain, obtain and parse the on-chain data, and complete the preliminary AnyID Profile display

2022 Q2

AnyID Engine V2.0 support aggregation and scoring. Support multiple chains, and then through a Unified ID, string together multiple chains of data, provide data support for metaverse around AnyID

2022 Q3

Provide API/SDK/Oracle to third-party applications to access the data of the AnyID, which will be a one-click login plug-in as the entrance for the users to login Web3 Launch Azone

2022 Q4

Provide an open platform where users can customize functions, such as custom leaderboards, custom on-chain credential systems as the meta of the NFT. Launch AnyID Engine V3.0, support ranking and SQL query


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